Now You're Talking with Marshall Ramsey


Angela Crossley Ferraez | 2022 Mississippi Businesswoman of the Year

Since joining the MPB Foundation in 2017, Angela Crossley Ferraez has strategically enhanced fundraising efforts for Mississippi Public Broadcasting, significantly growing membership, and revenue, and was recently named 2022’s Businesswoman of the Year by the Mississippi Business Journal. Angela joins us to talk about becoming an acclaimed businesswoman in Mississippi, the accomplishments she is most proud of and the MPB Foundation.

Marshall Ramsey, a nationally recognized editorial cartoonist, shares his cartoons and travels the state as Mississippi Today’s Editor-At-Large. He’s also host of a "Now You're Talking" on MPB Think Radio and "Conversations" on MPB TV, and is the author of several books. Marshall is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and a 2019 recipient of the University of Tennessee Alumni Professional Achievement Award. 

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